We use the inverness system, this is a hand pressure system. The earrings are completely sealed until we open them for your appointment. This guarantees sterile earrings.

The earrings themselves are a medical grade needle which do the piercing. The backings are completely sealed so no matter how hard they are squeezed they will not tighten around the ear. This also makes them very comfortable for sleeping. 

You are welcome to bring family members to the appointment. We encourage only one or two people to accompany them into the service room. Sometimes a lot of bodies can be a distraction for the client. 

Does it hurt? 

The best description is like a pinch to the ear. The feeling does not last. Some will notice it more than others. But everyone always says it goes away quickly. 

Do you pierce both ears at the same time? 

No, we do one ear at a time. 

Do you use numbing cream? 

No, we have had clients come in with and without. It is up to you should you wish to use it. It doesn't affect our ability to pierce at all. 

​Can we bring our own earrings to use? 

No, the inverness earrings are sealed in a cartridge which inserts into the piercing implement.

Do you have a selection of earrings? 

Yes, we have a large variety of earrings. Selection does vary depending on what we have in stock that day. 

How long do the earrings stay in for? 

6 weeks, afterwards they can be changed. We do encourage to keep a pair in at all times for up to a year (especially during sleep) as sometimes the body still likes to heal at a young age. 

They can be difficult to remove the first time, they are pull off not screw. Hold firmly to do so. 

What is the youngest you pierce?  

Age 3 and up.

Ear Piercing FAQ's